Sample Right First Time

Designed to minimise discomfort for babies1 when performing a heelstick capillary blood sample.

Neonatal Capillary Sampling

Neonatal capillary sampling has its own unique challenges. Obtaining an adequate sample volume with a single incision, maintaining absolute sterility and minimising discomfort for the baby are top priorities. 

Unistik® Heelstik is a heel incision device designed specifically to meet these challenges. A clearly visible alignment arrow allows healthcare professionals to position the lancet with precision. Manual activation enables healthcare professionals to discharge the device with confidence, for the first time. The blister pack keeps the blade sterile after irradiation until the pack is opened.

Sample with Confidence

Unistik® Heelstik is designed to reach only the superficial blood vessels, without penetrating deep enough to reach dermal pain fibres. It features a motion, rather than a puncture blade with penetration depths suitable for preterm babies under 1kg, preterm babies up to 2.5kg, full term babies up to 9kg, and babies over 9kg or up to toddler age. This type of device results in less pain for the baby, less distress for the family and more confidence for healthcare professionals collecting blood samples. 

Unistik® Heelstik - Heelstick Lancet - Features

  • Alignment guide for precise lancet placement.
  • Manual activation button for simple device activation.
  • Hidden irradiated sterile blade kept sterile within a sealed blister pack until opened.

Unistik® Heelstik Range


Unistik® Heelstik Micro Preemie P004437A1 0.65mm (depth) x 1.5mm (length)
Unistik® Heelstik Preemie P004436A1 0.85mm (depth) x 1.75mm (length)
Unistik® Heelstik Full Term P004435A1 1.0mm (depth) x 2.5mm (length)
Unistik® Heelstik Toddler P004434A1 1.5mm (depth) x 2.8mm (length)



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  1. Shah V. et al. Evaluation of a New Lancet Device (BD Quikheel) on Pain Response and Success of Procedure in Term Neonates. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med, 2003; 157: 1075-1078.


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