Unifine® Pentips® - A Quality Insulin Pen Needle for Every Patient

Unifine® Pentips® is a range of insulin pen needles developed to provide patients with a comfortable injection experience. Fifty-seven percent of people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes intentionally skip insulin injections and a key factor is the fear of pain¹.

Designed for Comfort

Unifine® insulin pen needles are designed for a comfortable injection experience. 

Unifine® Pentips®  are developed for patients comfort focusing on the following areas: 

  • Three bevelled needle tips designed to reduce penetration force 
  • Thin wall technology needles designed for improved drug flow, for a low delivery force 
  • Anti-coring treatment at the rear of the needle for clean piercing of the drug cartridge with no fragmentation for effective drug delivery.
  • Advance silicone designed for a lower glide force for a gentle injection experience – Reducing friction between the needle and patients’ skin, for smoother entry and removal of the needle.

Pen compatibility

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Unifine® Pentips® - Insulin Pen Needle Range

Unifine® Pentips® insulin pen needles are available in the following needle lengths and gauges; 4mm 32G and 33G, 5mm 30G and 31G, 6mm 31G, 8mm 31G and 12mm 29G – and are compatible with all major diabetes medication pens. They are double sealed for complete protection during fitting.

4mm AN3548 33G
4mm AN3540 32G
5mm 001694 30G
5mm AN3550 31G
6mm AN3590 31G
8mm AN3530 31G
12mm AN3529 29G
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Unifine® Pentips® Compatibility Chart
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