The Next Generation of Safety Pen Needle

Unifine® SafeControl® is an innovative active safety pen needle designed to protect healthcare professionals with and balances both safety and control during the injection process.

Active safety pen needles provide a solution to drug administration

Safety is Important. So is Dose Delivery.

Unifine® SafeControl® safety pen needle is designed to give healthcare professionals confidence in delivering a full medication dose to the patient, whilst also providing protection from needlestick injuries.

Unifine® SafeControl® has a visible needle providing control during the injection process, using the same technique as conventional pen needles, and also includes an innovative manual push tab for easy, one-handed activation of the safety mechanism. Other features and benefits include a safety guard for covering the needle after injection to protect from needlestick injuries, a dual safety indicator for both visual and audible confirmation that the safety mechanism has been activated and a green cap for sterility and protection prior to injection.

The Unifine® SafeControl® safety pen needle is compatible with all major brands of injection pens and is available in 4mm 32G, 5mm 30G and 8mm 30G needle dimensions.


Tested by Healthcare Professionals

Designed for our users, the Unifine® SafeControl® safety needle has been tried and tested by 106 healthcare professionals1. Here's what they thought:

  • 75% agreed that it gives them the right combination of safety and control of the drug delivery during the injection process1.
  • 92% agreed that they were 100% sure that the medication dose was fully delivered1.

The majority of them acknowledged that they would prefer to use Unifine® SafeControl® if given the choice1.

Unifine®  SafeControl® - Safety Pen Needle - Benefits

  • Visible Needle for control during the injection process and using the same technique as with conventional pen needles
  • Safety Guard for covering the needle after injection to protect from NSIs
  • Innovative Manual Push Tab for easy, one-handed activation of the safety mechanism 
  • Dual Safety Indicator for visual and audible confirmation
  • Green Cap for sterility and protection from the needle prior to injection. The green cap is recyclable, subject to local recycling facilities.

Pen compatibility

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How to use our Unifine® SafeControl® safety pen needle

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1. Project Saturn B (2017) Face-to-face interviews and product evaluations commissioned with an independent market research agency. Data on file.