A reusable, mechanical, companion auto-injector for UniSafe® 1mL safety syringe available with optional connectivity*

UniSafe® reusable

UniSafe® reusable auto-injector uses a 1mL UniSafe® safety syringe for drug delivery. This is the only part which is disposed of following use, helping to reduce waste and meet sustainability goals.

UniSafe® 1mL Auto-injector’s true mechanical function provides drug delivery that is not dependent on battery function therefore ensuring that patients always receive their medication. With a lifetime battery the auto-injector does not require a docking station or charger, so patients are able to use the device whenever and wherever they need their medication.

With both a continual dose progression indicator and true end of dose notification UniSafe® 1mL Auto-injector guides patients during their drug administration procedure helping to ensure complete dose delivery.

The auto-injector is available with the option of inbuilt connectivity via automatic Bluetooth® connection providing data transfer of key medication parameters between patients and their healthcare providers.

*UniSafe® 1mL reusable auto-injector is available without connectivity if required.

Click here for more information on the UniSafe® auto-injector platform

Unisafe auto-injector benefits

•    Ergonomic safety cap with inbuilt RNS remover
•    Hidden needle helps with needle phobias
•    Automatic mechanical priming on opening and closing of lid
•    Plunger sensing technology to confirm dose delivery
•    Electronics housed in lid for separate disposal
•    UniSafe® 1mL secured inside the auto-injector. 
•    Device will not function if UniSafe® is not inserted or positioned correctly
•    Smooth facia for product branding
•    Lid remains locked while device is in use
•    Bluetooth® connectivity indicator
•    Continuous dose progression LED indicator
•    Mechanical yellow ‘flag’ confirms dose completion (no power needed)
•    Contoured ergonomic shape and design for ease of use across multiple patient demographics